Statistics & Other Things Table of Contents

The African Continent
Maps of Africa
Two maps of the continent, one showing the countries' borders, the other showing the name and capital of each country.

African Country Maps
Maps of each African country.

African Country Flags
The national flag of each African country.

Enslaved Africans' Countries of Origin
The countries (current boundaries) from which enslaved Africans in the transAtlantic slave trade were taken and the percentage each country's inhabitants were of the overall total of Africans taken in the slave trade.

Origin of the Names of African Countries
The origins and meanings of the names of countries in Africa.

Population & Size
The population of each African country and the geographic size
in  square miles.

Independence Dates
The year when each African country achieved independence
from the European country that ruled it.

Who Ruled What?
A chart of which European countries ruled which African countries and when that rule occurred.

The United States
Black Inventors and Their Inventions
A partial list of inventions by Black people, the inventor's name, and the date of the invention/patent. Ninety-three inventions are listed.

Maps of the United States
One map of the United States by state and region, and another by topography.

Black Population of Each State
The Black population of each state and its percentage of that state's population.

History Repeats Itself?
A list of events that occurred in the 19th century that were of  importance to Black Americans and the similar reoccurrence of those events almost 100 years later.

The Caribbean
Maps of the Caribbean
Two maps of the Caribbean region.

Caribbean Flags
The national flag of each Caribbean island nation.

Abolition of Slavery
The years when the European colonial powers abolished slavery in the countries over which they had jurisdiction.

Original Names of Islands
The names the indigenous people gave to the Caribbean island they inhabited.

Caribbean Population
The population and size of each Caribbean country.