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The Name "America" originally, and formally still does, refer to the entire land mass from Canada to South America. The history of the people commonly referred to as American Indians and Native Americans has never been truthfully or fully told in mainstream schools or textbooks. What passes for the history of the people indigenous to the Americas  is, and has been, nothing more than omission, distortion, and lies. Carelessness? No. Overt racism? Yes.

IPOAA magazine separates the history of America's indigenous people into two periods: pre-European contact and post European contact. The genocide and economic decimation of the Western hemisphere's indigenous inhabitants has been so vast, that the millions who were here prior to European conquest have had thier numbers so reduced that discussions of an "Indian or Native American middle class or upper class" are meaningless. Are there individuals in those two categories? Yes. But a class in the sense the news media and educational institutions  speak of  in White, Black, Asian or whatever middle or upper class? No. To illustrate the point, where are the Native American or Indian middle class neighborhoods?

IPOAA magazine will highlight these and numerous issues concerning the indigenous people of America.