Current Events Table of Contents

Daily and Weekly Commentaries on current events The four titles listed below are currently being updated and are temporarily unavailable.

Black Commentator - Weekly articles on events and personas affecting black people across the globe.

Ron Daniels - Articles about the state of national and world affairs and their effects, especially on non-white people.

Hutchinson Report - Weekly comments on current events by Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

Tim Wise - Weekly articles on race and race relations by Tim Wise, an anti racist writer and activist.

News & Commentaries
The current issue includes the following articles:

Slavery Watch!  - Introduction
An ongoing series of essays and articles about slavery in contemporary Africa and the world.
Current Article: Testimony by Beatrice Fernando
CBC News & Views - Introduction
News articles and viewpoints from members of the Congressional Black Caucus. 

International Bulletin Board
Notices about symposiums, conferences, and other events from around the world.